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My purpose for creating this site is to archive my work and allow easy access to those who are interested in learning more about me.


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About Me


Hey! My name is Aidan Takami. I am a student and an aspiring game developer and designer, currently enrolled in the Interactive Media and Games Division (IMGD) at USC Games.

I live in Koreatown, Los Angeles. I have been writing code for about 6 years. I’m most versed in C++, C#,  and Java, but have experience with Python. I work in both Unity and Unreal Engine.

Given my passion for programming, I often see myself as the member in a team which bridges the gap between a designer and an engineer, which I love. One of my greatest points of pride is being able to come to an idea for a game mechanic or dynamic and to be able to then go forward and build it myself, or at least collaborate with an engineer to build it together.

As a budding game designer, I have been asked what are my favorite games?   My all-time favorite is The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. I played this game before I could read, but I remember that the components of the story, design, and gameplay intrigued me beyond my own understanding.  I am positive it ignited my passion for games.  When I think about the types of games I want to make, Ocarina of Time always come to mind.  My other all-time favorite games include: Minecraft, Dark Souls, The Stanley Parable, Firewatch, and most recently Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.  The challenge of combining compelling narrative with fun mechanics in an emergent yet simple way is very intriguing to me.

Since Fall 2019 I have been a student of the IMGD program at USC. The classes are taught along the principle that the player experience comes first. The “Playcentric” design which strongly favors designers to view their work from the perspective of a player, from which Aesthetics & Dynamics are most prominent. With this in mind, I want to use my games as a platform to blur the line between art and video games, in ways which the industry has yet to see.

As far my hobbies and other passions:

I love to hike.  We have some great hiking trails practically in my backyard that lead into the Santa Monica mountains.  Trails that lead for miles and miles.

I love to play the guitar.  As you can find throughout many posts on here, I think music is an extremely important component in video games.

I love playing D&D.   My dad taught me and my friends to play using classic.  Since then I have started playing 5th edition which I really like too.

I have a French Bulldog named Hank. He’s a bit of an asshole… but a good boy nonetheless.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me!

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