The Future of My Site

Hello all! I have some good news to share, and wanted to make a brief post here to try and lay out how this news affects my website. I have spent a lot of time in the past few months, since graduation, looking for jobs in the game industry. Luckily for me, I heard back from an application for a game designer role on the open worlds team at Rockstar San Diego.

This position was something I obsessed over for months on end. Of all the jobs I applied for, this one was by far the one I felt least qualified for … which of course only added to how much I wanted it. Beyond the “want what you can’t have” factor, Rockstar was the job I wanted because, in my genuine opinion, they make the best quality games being released currently. I was also excited because the role was a technical role, and would allow me to make use of my programming skills, something that was really important to me in this job search.

Sorry for all the build up, but I ended up getting this job at Rockstar San Diego. I couldn’t be happier, and I don’t think I could have gotten a better job. I can’t wait to create and learn alongside designers who are responsible for some of the greatest games of all time. I start tomorrow! However, this does have a monumental impact on the future of

I’ve used this site as a portfolio since 2015. All of that old content is gone now. The site didn’t even begin as game oriented, but instead strictly just me sharing my coding projects. I’ve loved having this site, and it’s obviously not going anywhere, but the content is likely going to be pretty few & far between for some time. Additionally, the nature of the content will have to change going forward. I’m not going to be able to share what I am actively working on in these posts any longer, which makes me think that the content will instead be more design theory based, and probably less coding based… for the most part. The goal of this site serving as a portfolio has been completed. You did well, site. I really do hope to have some cool stuff to share along the way, but now it’s time for this site to take on a new life.

It’s hard to say with certainty what the next year looks like for my website, but I am going to try branching out with my content. It will continue to be centered around game development, but will be different from the other posts on this site. Less “show you how I did this” and more “talk about why I did this”. I hope that this new form of content can be helpful to people wishing to become involved in game dev, and that this site can eventually become filled with helpful content.

Thanks for reading this. Sometimes, when I write on this site it feels like I’m speaking into the void. A lot of times, I write on here and I’m sure that nobody will ever read what I wrote. That doesn’t bother me. But as I’m sitting here and determining the fate of this void that I’ve been yelling into for 6 years, I’m realizing how much this website means to me. I am so proud of the content on this website that even if nobody ever saw it, I would still love it. I love game development. I love writing code. This site has given me a reason and means to share what I love, and I’m so grateful for that. Thank you, website. You’re not going anywhere, but I hope to do you justice with the future of your content.