Writing Sample: The Forgotten Characters

Below are some of the character profiles I’ve written for one of my games “The Forgotten”. More can be read about the universe here.

User’s Character

Born after the election, the only life you have ever known is that of the Forgotten. Your life is a constant battle to remain unseen, to remain forgotten. You are only 23, but you are proof that your people still have hope for the future generations. You grew up underground. You’ve been outside one time, when you were 9 and your hideout was discovered by the Safety Force. Other than that, like most others, you have never dared to take such a chance. It was then, when you were 9, that you lost your parents. You have no brothers, no sisters. You were luckily taken in by your closest friend’s family, Teo. Since living with Teo’s family, however, you have learned to be very self sufficient. You often go off on your own in the tunnels to see what you can find. Even as you got older, you couldn’t help the curiosity. And that’s where we join our hero…

King Olii

King Olii is a very mysterious man. Some say he was born for the sole purpose to take the throne, a scam put on by the most powerful in all the 5 sisters, but most don’t buy into this nonsense. When he was young, King Olii attended a private school, and was one of the very few who were permitted to travel to Zaki for the sole purpose of studying the Gods. Those closest to Olii say that this was a major turning point in his life. He soon began to study Gaius, the first King of the 5 sisters. He fought his way into politics and soon found himself as one of the closest advisors to the King himself. However, the story gets murky here. The rapid decline of the King soon took place and Olii seemed to fall off the face of the earth for the 2 years which followed. When he returned into the eye of the public, it was to rejoice of the people. Not long after, the King passed away and it was time for the 4th election to take place. As fate had it, Olii was nominated to hold the position along with 2 others. While future Kings are often nominated by the King prior, this was not the case this time. Olii went on to win the election, along with the heart of the people. As the forgotten fled Olii, he let his wrath take hold of him, as is tradition. Buri was flooded, and all planets were plagued by the presence of Olii’s safety force and Bots. Olii has now ruled for 30 years. As King of the 5 sisters, he decides his own agenda. Olii has made some efforts to advance his society with the introduction of the Safety Patrol, and the enactment of many new laws, but his main purpose of his reign thus far has been to eliminate all of the forgotten, by any means he can.

King Gaius of Zaki

From what is recorded in the vast libraries of Arne, Gaius was a heroic man. He led the 5 sisters from turmoil after the assassination of the last of Old Kings, and fought off all competitors to the throne. As a revenge towards his competitors, he ordered all their supporters be run out of cities, murdered on the street, and exiled. His rule was one of triumph. He was able to keep all of the sisters content and within check, and rid the planets of most the forgotten. On only his home planet of Zaki were any of the Forgotten spared. He passed away young, but his reign is overall considered very successful.


Teo is an observant girl to say the very least. As part of the forgotten, she has never left her hideout, except once after a raid on the former hideout. She keeps to herself but notices all that goes on around her. Her family is very kind and very hopeful, but it is hard to tell if she retains the same thoughts. While she does put on a strong face, she doesn’t open up enough to anyone for you to truly be sure. You have known her all your life and she is around your age. You and her used to get into mischief together but now she has put that part of her life away. She is preparing to be a teacher at the school for the forgotten, and spends a lot of her time studying.

Dr. Bolin

Dr. Bolin is widely considered the leader within your hideout. Bolin is a very kind hearted man. He is best known to those around the hideout for his incredible generosity towards the youth of the community. Dr. Bolin is one of the older men in the hideout. He can often be found painting or drawing using some of the mud or chalk found in the tunnels. Not very much is known about his background, just that he was a pediatrician before the election. His wife was one of the many who fled to Buri after the election. Whether it’s luck or fate, Dr Bolin didn’t follow her that day and he has been hiding out ever since.


The Forgotten

The Forgotten are the group that supported a losing party during the most recent election. As their name states, they wish to remain forgotten. The only hope for those who supported another party after an election is for their kids to survive long enough until the next election ensues and they are no longer the target of such fierce attacks. While most of the forgotten have given up, there is always a fair percent which keep hope. The forgotten are constantly pursued by most outside their community. It is a crime to help a forgotten, so even when people don’t pursue them, they are incredibly reluctant to even be friendly. There are communities of forgotten scattered all across the 5 sisters. They are often easily noticed by the dirty clothes they wear, and their overall state of cleanliness, but if this doesn’t give them away, all Bots and Safety Patrol members are able to access databases which store the identity of all the forgotten.

The Control

Very little is known about The Control. They have been present across the 5 sisters for thousands of years, but didn’t make their way into the spotlight until their assassination of King Gaius. Even after the event, no detective in all the 5 Sisters has been able to trace down any members involved. Their presence and involvement is often very debated amongst citizens. They strike in mysterious ways with very questionable motives at times. All that is known is there is very suspicious activity in Arne and many blame it on The Control.

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