Bellus3D Facial Scan

Hello All! I hope everyone has had a great and prosperous start to their new year! I actually recently got a new job out in Los Angeles, working at a Trader Joe’s. A great company to work for and honestly a great place to shop as well! If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and try our Mac N’ Cheese. I promise you that this shameless plug will lead those who listen to momentary bliss. Emphasis on momentary. This new job is relevant because it’s allowed me to upgrade from my old iPhone 6 to a nice and new iPhone Xs 64GB. I know you’ve seen it, but for those who haven’t, this phone flaunts some mightily impressive specs. 

The new phone has opened up a world which I knew existed, but quite honestly wasn’t aware of how shockingly developed it has become. Specifically I have been impressed by Bellus3D. This facial scanning tech utilizes the infrared facial scanning components built into the iPhone Xs, and creates a photo realistic “3D Selfie”, to use the description from their site, within a few seconds. Yes, literally a few seconds. The days of slowly turning your head for 15 minutes to get a sub par scan are behind us! I have been really enjoying playing around with this tool, and the built in lighting tools on the app. It’s something I highly recommend to any users who are even slightly intrigued by the idea. Below is a screen cap of the appearance on my mobile app.

First off, how crazy is that. But secondly, look at this next screen cap. Look at how detailed this facial scan really is. Look at my ear. You can clearly see where my ear was pierced back in 3rd grade. If that isn’t detail, then I am not sure what is. AND YES, MY EAR WAS PIERCED FOR A FEW MONTHS IN 3RD GRADE. IT WASN’T A PHASE, MOM.

All in all, extremely impressed with what I saw from this really cool app. Have enjoyed playing with, and will continue to enjoy. It’s for sure something I’ll be pulling out at the next social gathering I attend. Time to blow some minds. Here is the online link to my scan. The online quality is far inferior to that of the app itself, but you can get a hang of the tools offered, and how the app works. I hope you enjoy!

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