I have been really really bad about maintaining this site for the last few months… I’ve been super busy with school… and for that I am sorry… but I have something to offer to win your forgiveness… A game! This last weekend I participated in a Game Jam at USC run by MEGA. My team was made up of Sheehan Ahmed and Myself as engineers, Taygh Atwal as level designer & engineer, and Alan Karbachinsky, Steven Atha, Jack Bailey, and Alex Tomkow as designers and artists! with MUSIC and SOUND BY – Zong Chiang.

We made the game in 48 hours and it was truly a great experience. We all worked hard and pushed for a product that we are proud of and won best overall! So I’ll attach a link on the bottom of the page where it will be downloadable to all of you!

NOTES: This game is NOT finished. It plays through, but there are bugs.

The game was made from the theme provided by MEGA: “Boundless”… so we took the theme and really ran with it.

This game is still a work in progress as of this version! But please do enjoy it!

Please ignore poor quality of images provided! I couldn’t get a good capture! I promise it looks MUCH better! Please click them for (somewhat) better quality!


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