Summer Update: 2 Game Downloads Linked!

Hello All! As with the last few posts up here, I hope every one of you is well and staying safe amidst Covid-19. To say we are witnessing history is an understatement. We are actively participating in history, as Covid has proven to be something which permeates all facets of life, for all. That said, I have continued to use my newfound free time to work on the same 2 projects I posted about last time. That post, of course, included the download link to the “Liquidators” demo, a year long project which is planning for a release on steam in the coming month, as well as a break down of a personal project I am still currently finishing up with a friend!

This project, which we have taken to calling “Boomer and Zoomer” (It wasn’t my idea)(I know, I’m sorry), has served as a great experience for me, as I have handled all Engineering. Everything from the audio manager to the shaders in the game, I have been the one responsible! And I have really enjoyed it! I post here today not to share code, but instead the most up to date build!

A little about the game:

It is a 2 player endless runner

It requires an Xbox (one or 360) controller

In its current state it has no tutorial (I will be working on this week)

Controls can be found in the #readme

The game can be downloaded HERE!

I hope you guys are able to enjoy my personal project in it’s current state, and that you guys also give the Liquidators demo a play!

Please Excuse GIF Quality!

….Also excuse that this is me playing the part of 2 players…!

One thought on “Summer Update: 2 Game Downloads Linked!

  1. Tried out Boomer & Zoomer! I think I needed a friend to play with to fully enjoy the intricacies of the gameplay. Nevertheless, I thought the graphics, particle effects, and sounds were 👍 As for Liquidators, I’ll just wait and probably watch somebody play it when it gets released. 😨😂


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