Word Checker

This is a short program which utilizes a TreeSet to respond to a user on whether a word exists in the English Lexicon or not. This program operates on a file “english.lex” (Just a heads up, this link will download the file, which is just a .txt of all the words in the english language… No viruses I promise!!)(That’s exactly what someone with an infected file they wanted you to click would say…).

The file provided is in a .lex format, but may be altered, and can be opened in any text editor.

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 11.38.20 AM

 * Class which searches the English lexicon and lets user know if an entered word is
 * a word in the English language.
 * @author AidanTakami
 * @since 1.0

import java.util.Scanner;
import java.util.TreeSet;
import java.io.File;
import java.util.ArrayList;

public class WordChecker {
	public static final String FILE_NAME = "english.lex";
	public static TreeSet<String> lexTree = new TreeSet<String>();

	 * Method which loads the file FILE_NAME into an ArrayList and then into lexTree
	public static void makeTree(){
		ArrayList<String> lexList = new ArrayList();
		//tries to scan the file and put all lines into an ArrayList.

			//Creates new file object, a new scanner, and scans the file into the Scanner
			File newFile = new File(FILE_NAME);
			Scanner fileScan = new Scanner(System.in);
			fileScan = new Scanner(newFile);

			//loops through Scanner, adding each nextLine to ArrayList
		//Catches an exception which I saw online
		catch(Exception ex){

		//iterates through arrayList, adding each String to lexTree
		for(int rep = 0; rep < lexList.size(); rep++){ 			lexTree.add(lexList.get(rep)); 		} 	} 	 	/** 	 * takes a string given by the user and returns whether it is contained in the  	 * lexTree or not. 	 *  	 * @param word  String given by the user. 	 * @return boolean 	 * @since 1.0 	 */ 	public static boolean isWord(String word){ 		return lexTree.contains(word); 	} 	 	/** 	 * Main function for testing 	 *  	 * @since 1.0 	 */ 	public static void main(String[] args){ 		//makes scanner, tree, and prints intro 		makeTree(); 		Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in); 		System.out.println("Welcome to the Word Checker!"); 		System.out.println("Loading file " + FILE_NAME + " which contains " + lexTree.size() + " words!"); 		System.out.println("Please enter a word or hit enter to quit."); 		 		//loop takes user input and returns answer 		while(true){ 			System.out.print("> ");

			//stores user input in String
			String word = input.nextLine();

			//if string is empty, signifying enter key, breaks loop
			if(word.isEmpty()) break;

			//calls isWord, and responds accordingly
			boolean lexBool = isWord(word);

				System.out.println(word + " is a valid word");
				System.out.println(word + " is NOT a valid word.");