My Summer “Break”

Hello all! As I’m sure you can see from the gap of time since my last post, I haven’t been as active on here as normal. I’ve spent my summer up to this point working a lot on developing my skills within Unreal Engine 4, making use of the online course program called Udemy. Specifically, I have been taking the course “The Unreal Engine Developer Course” posted and instructed by Professor Ben Tristem. I’ve learned a lot of great new skills from this course, but am far from finished. I’m hoping to have completed the course in it’s entirety by the end of the summer. But I’m here to make this post to first of all update all on where I have bee, as well as speak to why I find Udemy such a useful platform. Online courses can be a struggle, but Udemy is perhaps the best form an online course can take. The platform makes it seamless to contact my professors, view other student’s previously answered questions, and push myself and really track my own progress based on the scores of quizzes I take. There is tons of programming courses on Udemy of all languages not just C++, & I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to sharpen their skills or learn a new language. I will try to be more frequently on here for the remainder of the Summer, but want to thank you all for stopping by and hearing my 2 cents.

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