Unity Crash Destroys My Happiness

Well, shit… After spending a few days working on an order taking software based off of my job at In N Out, a Unity crash proved to be all it took for me to lose all progress. Since the software was only 1 scene, that scene has been completely wiped. Despite my good saving habits, and having exited out of Unity3D multiple times, and still having my project, this one crash seems to have completely wiped all my progress (except for my code). Everything carries a lesson and the lesson i’ve learned from this is after a Unity crash, to not re open Unity, but instead find out  of the automatic backups stored in the “temp” folder under assets. Save yourself time, & sanity, and learn from my mistakes.


All that aside, I still have some interesting code and was working with some interesting ways in which I could store & display an order in progress, as well as a completed order. Using a generic type “BurgerObject”, that take the specific type of burger as a string, and have the ingredients stored in a List, I am able to accurately recreate how order taking works across all In N Out store locations. In addition to this, using the buttons that I had placed across the scene to represent each item would add a new text to the screen, representing the burger/item added, adding it to the entirety of the order. I found it difficult to decide how I was going to best display the entire order, since the order is stored in a List and displaying a List seems to be pretty much undoable in C#, but found this way to be likely the most promising. Here’s some code (please know that this is not nearly completed, just posting what I had completed pre crash):


Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 11.59.28 AMScreen Shot 2018-07-26 at 11.58.07 AMScreen Shot 2018-07-26 at 11.58.14 AM

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